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Solve a Murder at Escape Complex Escape Rooms

Murder Mystery

Success Rate: 15%

Last year, Dr. Parrish came home to find his wife murdered. Since then, he has done all he can to find her killer and bring them to justice. Now that he's close, he has requested your assistance. Can you uncover enough clues to solve the mystery of the ghastly murder?

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Find the treasure at Escape Complex Escape Rooms

Captain's Bounty

Success Rate: 35%

Captain Darke has hidden his treasure aboard the Kraken's Wrath! So far, none of his crew have been savvy enough to claim it for themselves, but you and a few other scurvy dogs might be able to - if you work together. Will you uncover the riches your captain has left behind?

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Get Your Video Games Back at Escape Complex Escape Rooms

Video Game Heist

Success Rate: 45%

Your older brother stole your hand-held game system and claimed it for himself, telling you that you’ll never get it back! You'll have a little time after school today before he gets home, so it’s time to find your game system and steal it back from your annoying older brother!

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